How to Make Cornhole Bags

by Jeremy on February 1, 2012

Saving money is always great, right?  Sometimes is better to save money and make your own Cornhole Bags.  Here’s a quick step by step process for making your own bags.  As with anything, this is more of a guideline than a fact, if you have a way that works better for you, by all means run with it!

Making Cornhole Bags

Fabric Preparation

  • Cornhole bags are generally made with duck cloth, and may be any color that is easy to see during game play.
  • Finished bags should be around 6″ X 6″ square and weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.  Each bag is filled with about 2 cups of whole feed corn.  Bags may not measure 6×6 filled at first, but may stretch and flatten over time.
  • Buy about 2 yards of duck cloth or duck canvas.

Sewing the Bags

  • Using upholstery thread or another heavy duty thread, sew two squares together, leaving one side partially open. (the fill side)
  • Un-sewn section can be anywhere from an inch long to the whole side
  • Sew to be a bit over 6” x 6”, ( so when the bag is filled it will be 6” x 6” )
  • Turn the bags inside out so the seams you have just sewn are invisible

Filling the Bags

  • Fill bags with approx. 16oz of whole feed corn.  This takes about 2 cups of corn.
  • Feed corn is the most common filling for Cornhole bags, and can be found at any feed store.
  • Other, options are plastic beads or pellets or dried beans, but popcorn and sand are not suggested.

Sew and Play

  • Double stitch up the opening with a whip stitch or a sewing machine.
  • Now go out and throw your bags in the hole!